Our surf courses at El Palmar Surf Academy are aimed at both, children and adults, who want to enjoy a complete surf program in Andalusia, as well as learn quickly and safely whilst having fun. You will be able to row and read the waves, to stand up on the surfboard and improve your surfing skills in Cadiz. Our surf school in El Palmar offers good facilities, a shaded patio where the theoretical lessons take place. Instructors and students take advantage of a calm atmosphere, avoiding noise and distractions from the beach, especially in the summer time. We offer educational material, to compliment the theoretical classes with boards to draw diagrams showing the parts of a surfboard, types of waves, wave breakings, tides, priorities, safety and respect for the sea. We also have exercise equipment to workout your balance skills , such as indo -board, bosu , elastic bands , DYNAIR , etc. Surfing students have access to a comfortable patio area , where they can safely walk barefoot and practice the ” standing-up start ” one of the first targets for beginners. We have a “rack” with a wide variety of “soft ” boards available, specifically for surf beginners. These are made of a soft material to prevent injuries. These surfboards don´t lose rigidity as they are built of epoxy. High quality and safe surfboards at the same time. In addition, we provide shower and picnic area facilities. Where you can chill out and have a drink, not only students – everyone is welcome!

El Palmar Surf Academy opens all year round. All levels and different ages are welcome to enroll on our surf courses in Conil and El Palmar (Cadiz) at any time. Our main strengh is how we teach. We´re constantly improving and updating our teaching methods. Our team believes in constantly learning and improving. So, we travel to many surf spots in the world to share and learn new ways of teaching. Each surf lesson is the duration of two hours. First of all the students check-in: we need to know about your previous surf experience, medical condition etc. Afterwards, we create groups and explain the course/class schedule. Next step, is introduce the students to the surf instructor. Then, we check-out the surfboard and the wetsuit we will be using. Learning the areas of a surfboard… (deck, bottom, nose, tail, rails, leash.). In brief, we will teach and show you the difference between “green waves” and “white waves” (foam). “First and second breaking” will also be explained. We will stay at the first breaker, closer to the shore, so we can touch the bottom.


Each S.U.P. (Stand Up Paddle) lesson lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
We begin introducing the students and instructor.
Then we explain the schedule: theory, warm-up and practice in the sea.
During the theory class, we learn the paddling technique with the paddle.
The goal is that students learn to manage the SUP board by themselves.
Next, are the specific surfing warm-up exercises, focused on shoulders, back and knees.
Then, the sea practice, the instructor will be with the students at all times, that way, instructions will be more effective .
The lesson ends with specific stretching, whilst we exchange feedback about the experience.

S.U.P. Tour

A Stand Up Paddle tour is the best way to take up this kind of activity.
The Stand Up Paddle activity in Conil lasts for two hours. We start with some theory, introducing the equipment and the schedule.
The first part of the practice in the sea takes place in calm waters in the fishing marina of Conil de la Frontera. Then we move to open waters, where we practice with the SUP board in the nearby “Cala del Aceite” where at the same time, we can enjoy great views of the cliffs of “El Roqueo” “Fuente del Gallo” and “La Fontanilla” beach.
During the activity, we always stop for a break at the beach to have some rest and have a drink before going back to the marina.

We also offer Surf Camps: accommodation + breakfast, just a couple of metres from the beach, so you can enjoy the courses for several days. You will have an experience that you will never forget!

Our Courses include:

  • Full equipment.
  • Certified Instructors with experience.
  • Environmental awareness
  • Full Civil and accident insurance.


  • Older than 7 years old. (Less than 7 require parental permission).
  • Be able to swim.
  • Bring a towel, swimsuit and sun block.
  • In winter bring warm clothes.

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