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Yoga | El Palmar Surf Academy Spain

Yoga & Surf camp

Be adventurous and transform yourself during your stay at our  Yoga & Surf Camp. Our intent is to rejuvenate and to empower the mind, body and spirit through surfing and yoga. This spirit is infused into every aspect of our retreats. Yoga Surf Camp is about giving you a new experience and perhaps a new outlook on life.

Together we´ll explore the art of wave riding, finding presence in daily yoga, experience the costa de la Luz natural beauty and harmonious way of life, enjoying a variety of fresh local dishes, relax under the sun, and share in laughter and fun community.

Why Yoga & Surf?

With Yoga you gain flexibility, body strength, you work with postures that improve your balance, focus capacity, strengthens your mind, gain agility to stand up faster on your surf board and improve your breathing capacity, which is very important for surfers. All of this really helps when you experience many different situations while surfing. Finally you will realize that Yoga and Surf are 2 ways of living which connects you with nature and let you life a happier and healthier life

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